Cuatro Vientos Bridge

Cuatro Vientos Bridge

The solution proposed is a 114,2 m span self-anchored suspension bridge. The suspension solution was chosen for its moderate span length and for being innovative in the city of Pamplona. This solution is uncommon in Spain and offers a symbolic weight associated with the symbol of Navarra which are¨chains¨.
The pylons have been projected as two large pointed trngles, having a 28,5 m base which converge quickly until meeting together at a height of 28 m, which is the same height as the main nave of the cathedral of Pamplona. This coincidence expresses the human scale of the project and offers a certain gothic appearance to the gateway.
The inclined planes also recall the face of the sharpened merlons from the stronghold of the Fortress City of Pamplona, as we go on a metaphorical search of affinity for signs of identity with the city, and these converge at the tip giving support to the main cables.
The pylons house the abutment-counterweight in their base on the left bank, with its southern face so inclined as to coincide with the angle of the pylons.
The counterweight shall be constructed employing recycled concrete, so as to compensate the waste generated by the restructuring of the masonry bridge situated upstream.

Status Concept Design 2011
Location Pamplona, Spain
Type Self-anchored suspension bridge
Owner Pamplona Council
Cost 10 million Euros


img-proyecto Cuatro Vientos- Alzado y Planta Cuatro Vientos- Seccion Transversal