Gdansk Footbridge

Gdansk Footbridge

A footbridge arises from the necessity of crossing, in the fastest way possible, to the other side ofan urban edge.In this case, there is an island with a cultural activity that connected with the new footbridge, it will regularly be used by a large influx of people. This fact led us to design a footbridge with two passing options from a fixed point located in the urban area.  Since it is a mobile footbridge to allow the passing of higher boats, we saw that one of the possible options was that they could rotate with a counterweight from its origin point. That great rotation system would be a new public square, which being round and at the higher part of the river edge, will work as a skyline viewpoint.
The edge of the island gets specialized with cantilevered elements that match up with the exact width of the footbridges, which depending on their size and location, can create various opening compositions. This possibility allows the maintenance of one of them, while the other one is operating. It enables twice the maximum people flow, special configurations on holidays.
It also allows in emergency cases the release of one of them without obstructing the daily passing of pedestrians and above all, it allows a visual connection to the park that arises in the island, and will have a better function than with one single route.
The connection between the Island Park and the Historic Centre is suggested in a physical and visual way. The duplicity of possibilities provokes a stronger connection between the two edges, discovering a new space with each configuration. The system behaves like the counter clockwise, each stop is a different urban situation. The complete opening is arranged with the counter clockwise opened and parallel to the edge of the city. When deployed in the opposite way, they travel a great distance, becoming a spectacular moment of the day.

Status Concept Design 2012
Location Gdansk, Poland
Type Movable footbridge
Owner Gdansk Council
Cost 3 million Euros


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