Salford Footbridge

Salford Meadows Footbridge

Salford crossing describes an S shape in plan, which is the result of a smooth and moderate slope between the two banks of the River Irwell.
The 120 m long and 3.60 m wide deck has a multicellular steel cross section that bears a 12 cm thick concrete slab.The deck is suspended from a steel tubular arch by a system of hangers which in addition to its structural role, reinforces the spatiality of the footbridge.
Structural steel is the material chosen which allows constructing spatial and complex shapes without increasing the cost significantly. The arch geometry is the inverted shape of an equivalent suspension bridge, with this; the arch is working only in compression for permanent loads, this allows an essential saving in materials.
The proposal morphology with its high spatiality of deck, arch and hangers gives the structure an uncommon and easily recognizable character. Its strong formal expression intends to be one of the new icons of the renewed city of Salford.

Status Concept Design 2013
Location Salford, UK
Type Footbridge
Owner Salford City Council
Client Salford City Council
Cost £1.9 million