Zorrotzaurre Bridge

Zorrotzaurre Bridge

The aperture of Deusto Canal will make Zorrotzaurre peninsula become an Island connected by a series of Bridges. Zorrozaure Bridge is the first connection to the island with a 75 m span. The bridge proposal has no intermediate supports and a reduced deck depth to satisfy the headroom requirements, therefore the solution brings the structure above the deck. The context of Bilbao Villa would require an innovative solution different from what has been used in the past, this consideration and the few limited space behind the abutments (specially on the right side of the canal) implied to abandon stayed solutions and trusses simples or doubles already used in the neighbour Euskalduna bridge.It seemed logic to adopt a solution that maintained the symmetry of the bridge without duplicating elements that in general give obstructed views.Therefore the solution opted for a single plane of elements on the centre of the deck. The design pushed forward combines a flexible band and a 1,30 m depth rigid deck to bending.The hangers are steel plates of 30 mm depth and spaced each 5 m varying from 0,30-1,20 m height. The services, conducts are housed underneath the sidewalk of the deck.

Status Concept Design 2011
Location Bilbao, Spain
Type Urban bridge
Owner Bilbao Council
Cost 7 million Euros


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